About Punchwaves

Punchwaves is an international magazine that shares stories that empower millennials. Started in early 2020, Punchwaves continues to promise content that inspires change. We want a wave to ripple through the internet and be heard among all young adults. Our collaborators are like you and I, have big dreams. This platform attempts to put those minds together and produce meaningful ideas that encourage growth. Each month our stories are released into the ocean, where the waves carry them across the miles of open water, to you. 

Our Reach

Headed quartered in Hong Kong and Cape Town, Punchwaves reaches audiences around the globe. We have writers in Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, France, Australia and The U.K. With additional contributors throughout the world. Our team is expanding, and you’re encouraged to join.

On top of the standard blog posts we publish, Punchwaves has a growing channel of videos on Youtube, interesting images on Instagram, and punchy pictures on Pinterest. We share experiences and events on topics covering everything from travel, home decor, careers, sports, fashion and personal development.

There’s a serious amount of information out there, the problem is half of it is simply polluting the internet. The low barriers to entry mean that every second stay at home mom is slapping together a blog. But the accuracy of that copy is concerning. Punchwaves has a strict auditing process and we promise to create content that is factual, informative, helpful and humorous. 

We pack a punch and hope to ride the wave on the world wide web for a long time.

The Editor of Punchwaves

The Editor

find your community – Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

About our team

Aron Frost

Editor in Chief

Aron Frost started Punchwaves in January 2020 as a way to document stories he can share with others. He opened up the blog to a community of travellers, influencers, and everyday heroes. Aron works as a digital marketer in Hong Kong. He has a background in information systems.