With remote working being the new way of working, it can get quite tiring and stressful as you are not able to take small breaks by going to the pantry and will be facing a huge pile of workload at home. This is where yoga comes into play.  

Yoga has more benefits than you think it does. It eases back pains, increases flexibility, reduces stress, improves sleep, gains inner peace and more. There are various yoga classes in Singapore which includes, but not limited to, hot yoga, aromatherapy yoga, aerial yoga, hatha yoga and prenatal yoga. Below are some of the best yoga classes in Singapore which you should definitely try out to de-stress and to improve your overall health.

1. The Yoga School

Engaging yourself in yoga while taking in the breathtaking skyline of the city is what The Yoga School wants its students to experience. It helps to calm the mind and releases any form of stress while being in a serene and quiet yoga room, which is located on the 39th floor of the OCBC Centre. The Yoga School follows a wooden and minimalistic style, with floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. The Faculty

The Faculty is a hybrid fitness studio that offers yoga, callisthenics, handstands, and HIIT classes. The instructors focus on building the foundation with yoga as it will help to strengthen the muscles, increase stamina, and improve flexibility for HIIT and callisthenics classes. On Even weeks, you will go through strength training; on Odd weeks, you will undergo endurance training. This program structure will ultimately lead you to your desired results.

3. Yoga Mala

Aerial yoga works with a hammock to perform the yoga poses. This anti-gravity yoga might seem tough at first, but once you get used to it, you will be able to feel like you are floating in the air.

Yoga Mala offers an intimate and cosy atmosphere for its students. If you are looking for a yoga class with a quiet and chill vibe, this is the place to go to.

4. Yoga Inc.

Yoga Inc. is known for its hot yoga, which is crafted for yoga beginners. Hot Stretch, a hot yoga class, is conducted in a room that is heated to 35°C. This helps the muscles to warm up to the different yoga poses, enhances your flexibility, and will detoxify your body by sweating all the toxins out.

Hot yoga is ideal for beginners and athletes with tight muscles.

PS. You can opt to join a hot yoga class that is conducted with cool air conditioning too.

5. Yoga+

Classes at Yoga+ has a limit of 15 students. This enables the instructors to focus their attention on all of their students and it helps the students to form a bond with each other too.

The studio offers 8 different kinds of yoga that are of different intensity. It ranges from Revitalise to Invert, Basic to Cardio Flow, and more. They also collaborate with local brands to raise awareness on health & wellness and mindful living.

With this list of the best yoga classes in Singapore, you can be rest assured that you will not encounter any poorly conducted classes in unkept studios. Do let us know if you have tried out our recommendations in the comments section below!


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